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Wander. Discover. Understand


In our travels, we have wandered upon artisan product made locally, and have fallen in love with the handiwork and design.   We meet the artisan, and begin to discover their creative process, the tradition passed down in their work, and the story behind their creation.  Through this meeting, we begin to understand the artisan's joys, struggles, and dedication to what they create, and understand more about the culture.   We tell the artisan story and create a sustainable business by supporting the artisan and their family by paying fair prices, and donating to their community or worldwide women's causes.       In the end, the Wanderkarma circle is complete - the artisan, the community, our shoppers, and our mission are supported.  We hope to fuel your wanderlust to discover more of the world!  


made with love from artisans around the world



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