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Here is our tentative Journey through Colombia

Feb 5th-6th  Bogota - A foodie gourmet heaven!   Street Art that will make you contemplate this world.

Feb 7th-8th  Barranquilla - A festive celebration of Carnival.   Traditional folk lore and dancing

Feb 9th-13th  Cartagena - Spanish balconies overflowing with flowers.   An old sense of romance that will keep you enhcanted.

Feb 14th-20th  Santa Marta, Tayrona National Park, and Lost City Trek - Beautiful beaches and natural beauty of Sierra Nevada Mountains and Jungle.   Meeting indigenous tribes on the way to a Lost City.

Feb 21st-24th  Medellin -  A city of eternal spring is reviving itself as one of Latin America's most progressive cities.

Feb 25th-29th  San Blas Islands - Sail to Island bliss in the middle of the blue Carribean.  Meet more indigenous tribes living off the ecological beauty.

Mar 1-4th    Panama City   Our last stop of our journey representing the gateway to commerce and South America.

A Sneak Peak of what we wandered upon so far........