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The organizations we support and the ones we admire for the good karma they bring out into the world.


5% of proceeds of most of our assortment benefit METAvivor.

METAvivor is dedicated to the specific fight of women and men living with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. At the time of METAvivor’s founding, no organization was dedicated to funding research for the disease and no patient groups were speaking out about the dearth of stage 4 cancer research. While more and more people have taken up the cry for more stage IV research, METAvivor remains the sole US organization dedicated to awarding annual stage IV breast cancer research.

To Learn More Visit   www.metavivor.org




Unicef #desoqueayuda Foundation for the Wayuu Tribe

The Wayuu people are an indigenous Latin American group inhabiting the desert of La Guajira Peninsula which borders Colombia and Venezuela.    Due to climate change and changes to their water supply, a severe drought has hurt the Wayuu's food supply, clean water supply, and caused malnutrition among their children and animals.    According to Unicef, 1 out of 10 children suffer from malnutrition in Colombia.   The Wayuu Indigenous community is one of the highest risk groups to this due to drought conditions and closure of the Venezuelan border.  

---  In 2015, 38 children died from diseases associated with malnutrition in Colombia, according to reports from the Ministry of Health.   In 2016, 5 children have already died this year in the La Guajira desert region.   

---  In 2015,  898 malnourished children in La Guajira were recorded, according to a report by the Colombian Institute of Family Welfare (ICBF).

We will be donating a dollar amount  per purchase of Colombian product to the #desoqueayuda Unicef foundation to provide a system of water supply and sanitation along with nutritional and hygiene education.

Read More about the efforts that Unicef needs:  Unicef Colombia Report