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My Mother - Elaine  

        Wanderkarma Co. embodies everything that my mom was - passion for her career, community, open giving spirit, unique style, shopping prowess, nature lover, curious, explorer, selfless love for friends and family, and courageous. Mom put her passion into her career as kindergarten teacher for 20 plus years. She worked endless hours preparing her classroom and lesson plans to ensure her students received the best education and love. She brought together the community through her open giving spirit. No matter who you were she would always have a smile for you or a listening ear. She organized the Relay for Life in town, and brought together the community to give to cancer research, a cause that impacted many.  

       She had effortless style from her jewelry to how her home was decorated - unique to anything that was out there. On Black Friday, she would not shop the big box chains but the small boutiques that were locally owned - where she always found her treasures. In contrast, she could seek out a good sale from the department stores - with even her own parking spot at Macy's. With her home being decorated on the inside, she also created a beautiful outdoors with her endless gardens in the woods. A lover of nature that was always curious about the world around her - she could name every flower and plant in a garden.  

         She loved to travel and explore when she could always taking a market trip with me to NY or a vacation in Jamaica with me and her sister. She encouraged me to see and be open to the world. When I would be wandering the world, a perfect sunset or a rainbow would appear - I always knew she was by my side creating Wanderkarma.  

          My mom was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer at the age of 35, and battled to fight this awful disease for 15 years. In one of her art therapy classes, she drew a half bull and half kitten face. In her words "Other people, especially family, always see me as being very strong like a bull. I guess I put on a front like a mask so they don't worry about me.   The reality is I feel fragile and weak as a kitten many times." This was her selfless courage and love for others, and her strength to battle cancer against all odds. Wanderkarma.com is a dedication to everything my mom is. She always wanted to open her own shop with open garage doors where people can shop beautiful garden and home decor, eat, and drink - sharing stories about their day. I hope I make her proud with this site.

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