When we wander, good karma follows.  


We at Wanderkarma want to show you what we love about travelling  the world through stories and authentic, artisan decor that we discover along the way.   Good karma follows by building a world where we buy locally when we travel, support artisans in their trades, and give back to causes we believe will make this world a better place.    

   Join us on our journey and find your own Wanderkarma moments


Our Wanderlust Story

As travelers, we all know that moment when our first trip infected us with wanderlust.   A condition that we do not try to cure, but feed it with more travel, reading travel blogs, and finding ways to discover our hometowns in new ways.   

My moment was unexpected when I took my first big trip, and it has turned into lifetime friendships and finding my true passion in life....travelling.   On a whim, my friend asked me to go to Spain for our 30th birthday.   We found hidden clubs in Ibiza, gazed in wonder at the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, and made friends with travellers at the San Fermin festival in Pamplona.  The experiences and new view I had changed me for life.    Seven years later we have travelled to Peru, Brazil, France, Belgium, Prague, London, Italy, Croatia, Greece, and Turkey.   

Storytelling is a skillset that every traveler would like to perfect.   It brings us back to those moments we had when we traveled.  It inspires others to explore.  It brings about positive change in this world through understanding.   As a traveler, we all have had these moments where we connect with others.  We stumble upon an amazing restaurant.  We understand the world and our place in it by visiting historical sites.  We bring home an artisan treasure and appreciate the handiwork and beauty that was put into it.   We always seem to end our day with the perfect sunset.   These moments are why we are addicted to travel and the excitement we feel when we tell our story.    We needed a word......Wanderkarma was born.

Wanderkarma started out as a good format to tell our stories.   We are also women that love to shop for unique, beautiful treasures.   Wanderkarma Co. became a combination of our two loves - a travel blog and online global bazaar.  

Shop the Bazaar

We love the moment when someone says" Wow, I love that necklace you are wearing or that rug in your living room....where did you get it?"    They want to know your story, and you are excited to tell yourr story when you can talk about the artisan who made it, or the connection you made with the merchant in the Grand Bazaar in Turkey.   We know that everyone cannot always be travelling in another country to shop globally with our busy daily lives, and this is why we want to find a way to bring these experiences to you.  We at  Wanderkarma strive to surround ourselves with that which is meaningful and true.

  • Artisanal    There are amazing artists around the world pouring their creativity, time, and love into their work.  When we buy from an artist, we also know we are supporting an individual and their family's livelihood directly.   
  • Vintage    We love items with history and some of decor will have the storied design from a time in the past.  
  • Repurposed   Countries we have visited know the importance of being resourceful with their materials, and recreated unique treasures from these items.   We do not need more in world, but can save our planet by reusing what we have.
  • Wanderlust inspired   If you are a traveler, you follow blogs, read travel books, and buy everything that spurs your wanderlust.   Shop our wanderlust product from our favorite travel books and maps.
  • Quality    We personally inspect our product for the quality we expect to fill our homes with.   It brings us happiness when you are happy.  If you are not, we want to hear from you also.   Email us at wanderkarmaco@gmail.com with the positives and negatives of your product.   We will right the issue within reason if you are not!  

Our Passion Startup

Wanderkarma Co. is a passion project startup that we hope to organically grow.   Since we are small, our treasure list is not robust, but as we see what you love and hear from you what you would like to see, we will grow.   Some of our product will guide you to other websites to purchase, for example, armchair travel books on www.amazon.com.   Throughout our journey, we hope you read our wander blog, shop the treasures, and tell us what you love and want more of so we can go wander the world to bring you more.   

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sail. Explore, Dream, Discover”
— Mark Twain


It is a complicated world out there.  We all need good karma in our lives. What goes around comes around - and we focus on the good karma in life not the bad.   We all give and volunteer - some may see it as a selfless act - but only you know how it powers our lives with emotional  benefits In an interview with Nicholas Kristoff, he says when you volunteer, your life expectancy increases by 44%.  We do good, because we want good to circle around to our lives and the ones around us.  

  • Shop locally when you travel.  
  • Buy and learn about the process from artisans.
  • Volunteer your time to help those in need during your travels.  
  • Donate what you can to causes you believe in.  

Everything you buy from Wanderkarma Co., we will be donating 5% of the purchase to an organization that we believe needs supporting.   There is millions donated to breast cancer every year.   However, only 2% of breast cancer research funds goes to metastatic breast cancer, where 30% of breast cancer patients die from.  For most products, 5% of all proceeds will be donated to Metavivor.org to support and find a cure for women with metastatic breast cancer in honor of my mother.    

Join the Wanderkarma Tribe

We hope we inspired you to wander the world, shop locally, and give back where you can. Please sign up for the Wanderkarma Tribe journal to read  new Wander stories and exclusive deals on Wanderkarma treasures.

We also want to share with our tribe your story.  Send us your story with pictures from your trip and the treasures you found on our Contact Page.   We will share our favorites with the tribe.