Shipping & Returns

Shipping Information


All shipments are through the United States Postal Service.   We ship domestically to all 50 states.   We will send to you the date your shipment will arrive.    We also ship internationally to most countries.

All shipping will be USPS Priority Shipping and calculated based on size on how it is packed in box and weight.  

Any affiliates that direct to their website like will have their own shipping and return policies to follow.  

Easy Returns & Exchanges

We know how hard it is to understand how the product will look in your home from a website, so we want it to be easy for you to return or exchange if you are not satisfied.   After 30 days, if you are not satisfied with how the product looks in your home or for any other reason, please fill out the below form and send to our customer service team.

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Since you paid to ship it there, we will pay for you to ship it back, and will send you a free USPS shipping form to your email address.   You will need to print out the form, and ship back in a similar size box as the shipment came in.   Please package with care.     Your form of payment will be credited immediately after package will be returned taking approximately 3 business days from when you shipped out.