Cascadas Beaded Necklace

Cascadas Beaded Necklace


The Embera Chami tribe on the West Coast of Colombia reaching into Panama handmake these intricate beaded necklaces and bracelets.   They believe women carry the weight on their shoulders, and they like to represent the beauty of this strength through this necklace.   "Cascades" means "Waterfalls" in Spanish, and we love how the geometric design waterfalls down into a rainbow of colors.  

- 36" Circumference

- Over the head - no enclosure.

Tribes helping other Tribes!   $5.00 of your purchase will go to the Wayuu Tribe in Colombia through a donation to #desoqueayuda Unicef foundation  to provide clean water in their time of drought.   


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Embera Chami Women Tribe

The Embera Chami people mostly live on the Western region of Colombia and Panama along the river systems.   The women create these beautiful beaded collar necklaces called Okamas.   The Embera Chami people believe that women carry the weight of the world on their shoulders, and they create these Okamas as a way of adorning and glorifying this weight we carry.   The Embera people are also at risk of losing their culture and heritage due to being displaced by paramilitary conflicts in Colombia in the past.      We all know the weight that women still carry on their shoulders, and we hope that your Okama will lighten your load!