DuHope Grey Leather Fringe Necklace

DuHope Grey Leather Fringe Necklace


Named for the first American designer to come work with DuHope, the Cherri Necklace will add a Rwandan flare to your unique style with locally-made paper beads and a uni-colored leather tassel chain necklace.

Leather Tassel: 3.5 inches
Chain: 34 inches
Paper beads
Handmade by DuHope

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In May 2015, the Belay Rwanda staff was made aware of some of the most vulnerable women in Rwanda. They saw the desperation that led these women to sell their bodies for sex. The staff knew they had to do something. So they set up a social enterprise business with a strong ministry focus called DuHope, creating a safe and holistic way for women to exit sex work while walking alongside them in faith, hope, love, and dignity. When you purchase jewelry  made by DuHope, you are investing in:

Equipping her with jewelry-making skills, workforce readiness skills and additional training needed to assist her out of sex work

Counseling to care for her wounded past and help her make wise choices for her family’s future

Discipleship through sharing God’s Word, praying with her and visiting her home regularly

On-site childcare so little children are not left home alone