Morocco Leather Fringe Cross Shoulder Handbag

Morocco Leather Fringe Cross Shoulder Handbag


Moroccan Natural Leather Cross Shoulder Handbag is naturally tanned and dyed in the leather tanning vats in Morocco.   The bag fits perfect as a cross shoulder with woven detailed flap with fringe.    A great Bohemium look for your travels or festivals.   

5% of all Sales are donated to METAvivor.  METAvivor is dedicated to the specific fight of women and men living with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer.

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Our Story Behind

We fell in love with the bohemium playing on the 70s fringe trend in a shop near the Tannery Vats in Marrakech.   We were lead by a boy through the medina to discover the artistic and natural process of the Tannery.   With mint to our nose, we got a personal tour of how the hides from goats, sheep, and cows are cleaned by natural ingredients in the White VATS.    Then they are dyed in the color VATS of natural dyes from poppy flower for red to saffron for yellow.    A beautiful and historic tradition that employs many Moroccans in the city.