Morocco - A Country for Inspiration

The vibrant colors, ornate details, and smells of Moroccan spices spark your creativity when you arrive to Morocco.    Follow us on our journey through this great country.

When we first arrived to Marrakech, we went through the mazes of the Medina hustled in by our Riad owners.   You see the hustle and bustle of the merchants selling their treasures.   A donkey almost ran us over delivering more treasures to the shops.   The women are buying vegetables, meats, and spices for their tagines right along the path.   Excited and overwhelmed at the same time - we were ready to explore.

After the bustle and heat of the medina, we arrive to our Riad RocKech, which is an airbnb that I highly recommend run by some sweet Italians.    A Riad is an oasis tucked away behind a tiny door in the streets of the medina.   Riads. are square buildings with the rooms on the first and second floor for bedrooms, kitchen, and living room surrounded by a beautiful courtyard, which creates natural air conditioning.   The roof always has a beautiful sun deck to sunbathe during the day and have your dinner in the evenings.   Our Riad had white washed walls with ornate artisan home decor.   A feel that a professional interior decorator took over, but it really is just the Moroccan people's sense of style and space.   After a long day of exploring, we loved just relaxing in our Riad.    

We spent our first day in Marrakech exploring palaces.   As you enter the white archways of the courtyard of the palaces, a sense of peace comes over you.    Every courtyard has a source of water in the middle with channels to the outside, which the water represents dynamic life and purity in the Islamic religion.    The doorways to the rooms of the palace are wooden with detailed artwork that creates curiosity of the beauty behind.   Your eye wanders from the tiled floor to the intricate plaster details of nature and geometry.   Then, you gape in awe at the wooden designed ceilings.   We walked away with an appreciation for the hard work, artistic talent, and mathematical expertise that it took to create these beautiful palaces.   

We were inspired....   Shop our Moroccan jewelry for more inspiration