A Solar Eclipse.....A time for Change

       All across the country, we came together today to view an epic event of the totality of the solar eclipse throughout North America.     During those short two minutes, we all could see there is something bigger in our universe.     As my friend and I made our way out of San Francisco to find a patch of no fog, we felt the excitement to chase something magnificent and what it means to be apart of this great universe.    When we finally saw the clouds clearing, the light had a strange and almost magical feel  somewhat like the moment before a tornado in the midwest.    We felt the cold chill sweep through as the sun eclipsed for a few minutes leaving us with only 25% of the sun in the Bay area.   The prospect of what made this really exciting was the internal change for me and others of this celestial event.    I made my intentions and I gave them to the wonderful planet alignment.  

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         In a Times article,  the Aug. 21 eclipse forms a triangle-shaped alignment with Uranus, which Miller said symbolizes innovation, and Saturn, which symbolizes stability. “This eclipse is saying to try something new. You have to evolve and you have to innovate something, reinvent somehow,” Susan Miller said.    Susan Miller, world known astrologer, delve deeper in what the eclipse can mean for you personally in her guide on Astrology Zone.   As I read more and felt change happening, I decided it was time to motivate and innovate Wanderkarma.   It has been a good 2 year start with Wanderkarma, but we need to focus and innovate what it means for all the fans.   I want Wanderkarma to have a 3 prong approach focused on wandering the world with social impact in everything we do.   

Shop Artisan Product from Around the world with Social Impact supporting the Makers

      We began Wanderkarma finding artisan treasures in our travels.   As we have grown, we have been able fine tune our assortment as we learned what you all loved.    But we also got to partner with some amazing organizations.   In Rwanda, we partnered with Tubahumurize group to create these amazing yoga and travel bags.   After the 1994 Genocide, Jeanne was counseling women dealing with the after effects.   In 2004, her best friend was killed by her husband from domestic violence.   She shifted her focus to council these women, and provide a sustainable income in a sewing school and marketplace for their products.   Read more about Tubahumurize Group here

Wander the World with Wanderkarma Spots and Travel Planning

         We spend hours in wanderlust looking at photos, and wondering how all these people are traveling.   There is plenty of travel services for luxury trips and tips for the backpacker to save money.   What if you have an average budget for travel and are not a young backpacker?    You do not have enough for luxury, but you do not want to be staying in a hostel.   With all travel content out there, how do you narrow a trip and plan efficiently?   Too many choices lead to no decisions at all.    How can I feel more like a local and not a tourist?    Our travel planning services may be your answer.   We do not believe in big tour groups, but connecting you to local guides.     We believe in supporting local restaurants and shops - our Wanderkarma spots.   We believe in staying with locals and not hotel chains so you can understand the country through the people.      Want to wander with us?   Inquire below!  

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Wanderkarma Connections

Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime.”
— Mark Twain

         This quote by Mark Twain says how much people need to travel right now, especially with the racism and bigotry happening in America today.   We want to share Wanderkarma connections with people we made in our travels, and we want you to share yours.     We want to create less fear of the unknown by sharing our travel stories.     In Morocco, I cooked and shared a meal with 3 Moroccan women.   With broken French, we watched Arabic Dancing with the Stars and shared our stories of dating life.   We had two different religions, Muslim and Catholic, but we had so many common threads.   In Rwanda, I felt the silent pain meeting survivors of the genocide.   In the genocide memorial in Kigali, I read of how much hate and government propaganda can cause a million people to be killed by their neighbor in 100 days.    I see some of the same hate in what is happening today.   Travel and feeling the history of a place can teach us life lessons of today.    I encourage all to travel.     Look out for a Facebook community soon to share your stories!