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1. Choose the Plan and how many countries you would like to receive!

2. Our artisans around the world are busy making your handmade products providing economic inclusion!  

3. Enjoy your artisan box and the travel advice for your own wanderlust

Travel the world with us, and receive 3 to 5  featured artisan piece of jewelry or home decor monthly!   All boxes support the local economy of the places in our travels, and many feature women artisans supporting their families.    As a bonus, we will send you  a travel guide to help you create your own wanderkarma trip! 

Where will you go next?

🌟 Embrace the vibrant spirit of Colombia with Wanderkarma's stunning collaboration with Fosterie! 🇨🇴✨

Our Colombia Box celebrates the rich cultural heritage of this beautiful country while making a real difference in the lives of Indigenous artisans. 💖 Partnering with Fosterie, we're empowering local communities by providing sustainable incomes and showcasing their incredible craftsmanship.

🌺 Dive into Colombian flair with our Embera Raya Earrings, meticulously handcrafted with expertise in bead making. Each pair tells a story of tradition and artistry.

🐚 Feel the essence of the beach with our Beach Shell Bracelet, a perfect accessory for sunny days and salty waves. Shells and local materials bring the coast to your wrist.

👜 And let's not forget the eco-conscious fashionistas! Our Upcycled Caribbean Feeds Bag not only makes a style statement but also champions sustainability, turning discarded materials into chic accessories.

By supporting Wanderkarma's Colombia Box, you're not just accessorizing – you're making a positive impact on communities and preserving cultural heritage. 🌎💫 Join us in spreading love, empowerment, and Colombian joy! #Wanderkarma #Fosterie #SupportArtisans #EmpowerCommunities #ColombianCulture 🌈🎨